San Antonio Landscaping 

Landscaping helps maintain your house and its value. Strategic landscaping can improve the curb appeal of your home for you and others, reduce energy costs, and also benefit the environment. However, the best landscaping can be quite an undertaking, especially for just one person. That’s why Industrial Lawn San Antonio is here to help with all your landscaping needs. Here are some of the landscaping services we provide to help you design and style a yard you can be proud of.

Lawn Design and Maintenance in San Antonio

Whether you’re happy with your lawn and need maintenance, or you’d like your whole yard designed from the ground up, we’ve got you covered. We can help design a beautiful and functional for you and the environment. Then, once you have a lawn you’re 100% happy with, we can mow your lawn, trim your hedges, shape your trees, service your lighting and irrigation, and do anything else your lawn may need.

Artificial Turf

Some people aren’t interested in the maintenance and water required for a natural grass lawn. This is why we also offer artificial lawn services. Artificial turf is a beautiful alternative to natural grass for a fraction of the upkeep. Our services include design, installation, and occasional maintenance for your artificial lawn. Artificial turf is a great choice for yards, playgrounds, putting greens, or any outdoor space in your home or business.

French Drains

Upgrade your lawn’s irrigation with French drains. These are helpful when your lawn receives too much water or your roof’s gutters aren’t keeping drainage water far enough away from your house. French drains are gravel-filled trenches that are covered with dirt. They are designed to carry water under your lawn and onto the curb to prevent overwatering and swampy conditions.

IndustriaLawn, LLC has all of your landscaping needs covered from start to finish. If you need help with installation, maintenance, or other landscaping services in the San Antonio, TX, area, don’t hesitate to contact us and get started on the journey to your perfect yard today.