Pergolas and Decks in San Antonio

Having a beautiful, well-kept yard can almost seem like a waste if you cannot put it to good use. This is decks and pergolas are great additions to a yard. They help create a relaxing and comfortable space that extends your home outdoors, while also increasing the home’s value.

When you’re ready to add a deck or pergola to your home, give Industrial Lawn of San Antonio a call.


A backyard deck can have a variety of uses. A deck by a pool can be a great place to relax when you’re not in the water. It also prevents too much water from splashing or dripping onto the grass. A backyard deck is also an excellent place for a table and chairs to meet with friends, for outdoor seating when hosting a party, or to be able to comfortably relax outside after a long day.


Pergolas, or patio covers, are another beneficial addition to your yard. They provide shade from
the sun and protection from the rain, so you won’t have to worry about anything on your deck or
patio getting water damage from moderate rainfall. You can also add drapes or screens to your
pergola to provide more privacy while you’re outside. Pergolas also give you many more design
options to compliment your backyard. They can be decorated with string lights or lanterns for a
nice touch when hosting guests.

Crafting Your Dream Yard

Decks and pergolas can be built and installed using various materials to fit your aesthetic and
functional needs. Wood is the cheapest option; it can be stained or painted but is susceptible to
warping and cracking. Vinyl requires much less maintenance than wood but typically has fewer
color options. Lastly, fiberglass is the most expensive option, but because of how strong and
lightweight it is, you have greater flexibility with the design.

When you’re looking for expert patio builders in San Antonio to build your deck or pergola,
IndustrialLawn, LLC is the place to go. If you’re ready to upgrade your yard with a deck or
pergola, don’t hesitate to contact us and get started today.